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Tell Your Best Story


Any story is your own, and must be real

Good Taste

The topic, language, themes and story as a whole must be of good taste.

5 minutes

A standard story slot, unless otherwise advised, is 5 minutes maximum. In this time you tell a single narrative, rather than a collection of anecdotes.

Stay At The Mic

There is no opportunity for stage movement, visuals or props. The microphone remains in its stand for the entirety of the event.

Any Story

The tone and feel of a story is open. It may be heartfelt, sad and heavy, lighthearted, humorous, inspiring or entertaining.

Be Sober

Please don't be inebriated when you get up to present.

No Sales

There is to be no sales, promotion or commercial messaging in any story.

No Intro

You will not need to introduce yourself, this will be done by the MC. Your first words are of the story.

No Notes

There is no lectern or place for notes on stage. Only yourself and the microphone stand.

Ready To Tell A Story?

Make a Pitch

Anybody can be a storyteller! Everybody should be a storyteller! We are always looking for fresh faces to tell their first story on stage. In fact, it is our goal to empower new storytellers to take the stage in every show.

The team has extensive experience training speakers of all levels - from people struggling to stand up in front of a group, to professional presenters in industry. So if you are motivated to give it a go, we can help you tell a great story.

If you'd like to tell a story, start thinking about some ideas that you think might work. Pitch us your story here, then we can either catch up for a coffee or have an online meeting to help you get started.

Remember, storytelling involves your voice, a microphone and a journey shared with the audience. It must be your own story, and please, no cliffhangers or offensive material.

Every storyteller has the opportunity to be recorded on film and audio.

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